Ipsy Product Reviews: August Glam Bag

It’s that Ipsy time of the month again! I love seeing that shiny pink envelope every month! This month’s bag was a nice variety of items you could literally use from head to toe.

This nail polish, Mister Pookies by Aila, was probably my favorite item of the month. I love this color. The website describes it as “steel grey with purple undertones” though it is a little more purple-y than grey. I still really love it. This polish requires two coats to really enjoy the full effect of the color. I used it on my finger and toenails. Love it. The website also describes the nail polish thusly:

  • 5 Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • Made WITHOUT Parabens
  • Cruelty Free
  • Chip-resistant, super shiny, long-lasting
  • Made in the USA

Retail cost: $17.00

So far, very little chipping though I have washed at least 5 loads of dishes by hand and showed three times since applying.

(I have terrible nail beds and short nails so my nail pictures are never picturesque.)  

The face wash I am not sold on. It smells very strongly of lavender oil but lathers well. I blew a bubble with this stuff with my nose the size of my head. I have acne prone skin and at 25 still have monthly breakouts. I use Clearasil Acne + Marks Wash and Mask normally and it does a good job of keeping things under control. I have only used this product three times and it does not seem to have done any damage nor does it seem to work better than my existing product. The price points on these two seem to be the deciding factor, Clearasil is much cheaper at about $6 for 6.78 fl. oz. while Lather’s Ultra Mild Face Wash is about $19 for 6 fl. oz. I will continue to use this while it is not causing me breakouts and see what its effects are. So, tbd.

Retail cost: 1 fl. oz. $3

Briogeo’s Blossom & Bloom volumizing spray is my next favorite item if only for the smell. It is lovely and doesn’t leave your hands sticky when you apply it. The website describes it as “cruelty-free, 98 percent naturally-derived formula is vegan-friendly and formulated WITHOUT parabens, phthalates, silicone, gluten, synthetic fragrances and dyes.” So healthy and natural which is always a plus.

My hair was still pretty full after a full day and night, no flat head like I usually have at the crown of my scalp. I could wear my hair out like this with a little frizz control help from my Biosilk. Again, this is a product I will have to continue to use to see the full effect. But after one use I am pleased.

Retail cost: 1 oz. $3.60

Noyah’s Desert Rose lipstick was a toss up. I liked the color though it might be a little light for my skin tone but I could still see getting away with wearing it casually. It is a little dry so I wouldn’t wear this with chapped lips, the chapping shows. Unless there is some way you can treat chapped lips while wearing a drier lipstick. Or maybe I just haven’t worn lipstick in a really long time. I used to sneak into my mom’s Avon lipstick samples when I was a little girl and this reminds me of those. This product is packaged eco-friendly.

Retail cost: 1.4 g ~$5

Lastly, the lip liner, Absolute New York Waterproof Gel in True Red. I like the lip liner. I do, but I am not super adept at using lip liner. I wish the sample lipstick had matched this because I do not have an exact matching lipstick so the results always looked a little wonky. It did not smear easily though and very likely would have lasted a long time if I had not washed it off. The color is a beautiful rich red which I really liked.

Retail cost: $4.99

Total retail value of the August Glam Bag: $33.59

Last month’s bag was a little pricier but included more full size products than this month’s. However, I liked the variety of this month’s bag a little more.

Still highly recommend Ipsy, it is a great way to try new products.


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